About Bishop and Lady Dennis

Bishop Norman L Dennis

Bishop Norman L Dennis was born to the late Mrs. Dorothy and Norman Dennis. He was reared up with 2 older sisters. He was brought up in the church from a very young age. Bishop has fond memories of going to church with his parents and fellow neighbors. As I he got older, he was eventually under the ministry of Apostle Jacqueline Harrison in Dover, DE. Since then he has been licensed and ordained by Apostle Walter Seymour, and ordained as Bishop under Apostle and Bishop hill of Spoken Word Worldwide Deliverance Ministries

Prophetess Karin Dennis

Prophetess Karin Dennis has been raised in church all of life. She was born to Deacon and Mother Willingham in Sanford, FL. She has two younger siblings. Her ministry began when she was baptized at New Salem Primitive Baptist Church. Most of her young rearing was done in Macedonia Primitive Baptist church and New Salem.